23/5 Rice, Salmon Teriyaki, Eggplant with Red Miso

Salmon Teriyaki, Eggplant with red Miso
Pim, can this be accepted for Is My Blog Burning?

I thought about a lot of rice dishes, Zarzuela, Paella from my teenager years, Risotto with Tomatos, Butterrice from my youth. Finally I just went for high quality japanese rice as a sidedish and I tried out two new recipes: Salmon Teriyaki style and Eggplant with Red Miso (see a better picture here).

I am a big fan of a simple bowl of plain japanese rice.

Plain rice japanese style
The rice needs to be washed first. After that you put for every cup of rice a bit more than a cup of water into the rice pan (for 3 cups of rice, 3 and a half cups of water). Now let the rice soak in this water for half an hour. Cover the rice pan. Then heat it up till the water boils. Bring the temperature immediately down to a minimum and leave it like this for the next ten minutes. And then just turn the heat off and leave it on the hot plate for the next ten minutes or more. As long as it is covered, the rice gets better and better.


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2004-05-29 16:43:42

Of course this is acceptable. Thanks so much for participating.

(pardon me for commenting so late, I've been having werid issues with my isp.)
2004-06-02 17:02:14
Thank you Pim for inviting me.
It was great fun!

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